The concentric rings of water

Water draws me to it. I am sitting in a house that was only last year, slap-bang inside the Loing river. Had I been here, I would have needed a boat to get to the bottom of the garden. But I still need to live near water. There’s an energy field around it that I keep thinking about. I’ve always written about it. And when I draw it, it resembles a series of suns on my page.

So I’m offering this course THE SUN IN THE SELF  – a yoga and writing course – at the gorgeous Ty Newydd Writing house, from 31st July to 4 August

About time – I’ve been asked when I’m teaching about water for a long time!!

What should you expect?

  • morning deep meditation for creative flow and opening the vibrating power of water in the body (aren’t we mostly water!)
  • asana (posture) practice with myths about water gods and sun rays. Movement to let the energy rings in the body move without obstacles.
  • ways of writing that unblock stiffness of mind and stiffness of limbs. You’ll end the short week with a full notebook and invigorated relationship with storytelling and freshness in your words
  • some asana practice will be energetic (yang) from traditional postures to a special dragon dance for this course.  Some will be restorative (yin) with poetry and sound baths
  • time to roam and find your own writing corners in the house and grounds of lovely Ty Newydd
  • An ayurvedic menu designed by resident chef, Tony, beloved of all, for summer energy boost (his brain-fuel afternoon snacks too)

Also you’ll have the  company of two visiting guests I’m so excited by!

Vivienne Rickman-Pool:  Vivienne was named one of the Guardian’s most inspiring adventures in 2016! Wild Swimmer (swimming option on our course for anybody who wants to add an adventure – in a special location in Snowdon). She is also a most incredible photographer and film maker, using body and full presence is place as her creative pathways.

Amali Rodrigo: Amali is one of those poets I discovered and then wanted to tell everybody about. Her work using mandalas and the power of those circles-circles-circles in writing poetry, in reaching words, produces original work I’m very excited to incorporate into our week’s work in Ty Newydd.

If you’re interested in attending the Monday-Friday retreat, 31st July – 4th May, just send me word. Or contact Ty Newydd – you can sign up on their website here.

If you want to know why it’s about time I let water flow into my writing and yoga courses – there’s a video here about my first love, the Dee River (and the novel inspired by it) and recent work with Zoë Skoulding – a poetry conversation about the underground riivers of the Bièvre and Adda – performing here at Maison de la Poésie.






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