White Crows and White Egrets: White Crow Arts Daily publishes ‘Diversions’

Little reminders of India are finding their ways back to me daily.

This time, White Crow Arts Daily has published my article, ‘Diversions’, musings on creative process and why we do what we do here.

Who remembers Diversions Dance doing school tours?
Well, I got thinking about them, which lead me to thinking about translations from language to dance to yoga and to the Self. Here are some diversions of my own.

If it wasn’t for an incredible translation workshop in Kerala with Wales Literature Exchange and Wales Arts International, how would Anitha Thampi and I have ever started this conversation? Here’s a little poem that belongs to that workshop:

Egrets – Kerela beach – a long time after
Siân Melangell Dafydd

I never wrote of the three egrets with yellow toes,
scribbling Malayalam in their warm sea waves
or their flight, smuggling daffodils under eggshell bellies
or their splashes back to earth. And because I never wrote
of my three egrets or their yellow toes, they remain –
up to their sunshine knees in their scribbles, I see.
Salt solidifies them. They wait to be written before they flee.


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