Small Onions


‘Small Onions’ is the name of the first poem I wrote when I went to work with Anitha Thampi on Christmas Day 2014. What I didn’t know is that it would be the little seed that is now growing into a collection (not of onions).

I guess I’ll know when the poem is ready to be read. Meanwhile, I am aware that this wee blog has been far too silent. I spent time looking at the rise and fall of the sun and letting it measure the rise and fall of my days. No apologies. I haven’t felt that terrifying silence since writing Y Trydydd Peth in Ariège and I’m so grateful for it.

But here’s a video Anitha and I put together in her garden for a new creative initiative called WHITE CROW ARST DAILY. Discussions on Welsh literature, translations, Literature Across Frontiers, The Wales Literature Exchange, teaching Creative Writing at the American University of Paris and more.

We also drank tea, grated coconut, named birds, drank tea, ate fruit we didn’t have names for and other things we’ll put in a book of pair poems coming out soon.

I stood on my head in the garden and listened to the banana tree leaves and what they had to say each morning. It was magic. Now there are notebooks and scribbles and I need to meditate on those rather than the Goan sun.


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